We listen.

Black lives matter, we want a world that reflects that reality. We must listen and respond. We must use our power and resources to benefit Black communities. Today Genetic Alliance, with our partner, LunaPBC, releases this Invitation to welcome five Black communities, without cost, to the LunaPEER community. This platform provides the nuts and bolts needed to collect data directly from people securely and privately, data that can speak and empower Black communities in the ways that matter to them. We welcome your comments on the draft Invitation. Following the comment period, which closes on June 29, 2020, we will revise and release the Invitation.

We act.

Invitation to use our technology to benefit a Black community.
Draft released: Juneteenth

Comment and questions period ends: June 29
Questions, answers and final draft Invitation released: June 30

Letter of intent (optional) due: July 3
Responses due: July 31

Applicants notified of decision: September 14, 2020

Email your thoughts to: PEER_Proposal@engagingresponsibly.org

Download Invitation

Last updated with input from community July 14, 2020.