LunaPEER-Invitation Question and Answers

Data Access and Handling

Q: How does data get into the system and become accessible to our organization?

A: Information is submitted by individuals themselves, not by anyone else. Individuals create their own accounts, set their sharing preferences, including whether or not to share 'only with my registry'.

Q: How do participants share their data only with our organization?

A: Each of your participants will have a choice at the registration. 1) Share only with your organization, 2) Share will all researchers. You can instruct them to choose only you. The individuals can also elect to give you Support Proxy status so you have 100% access to everything, including their records, their contact info, and being able to change data in their registry.

Remember: The individuals control their data. The organization can recommend they do certain things, but the registry empowers people to control their data.

Q: When we create a survey, can we control who has access to fill out that survey?

A: Certainly. Once a survey is created, you are able to share that survey publicly (anyone on the LunaDNA platform will see it and be able to fill it out) or only to members of your registry.

Individual Account Management

Q: What happens when an individual deletes their account?

A: All data is deleted when an account is deleted, without exception.

About the System

Q: How and where is the data in LunaDNA stored?

A: LunaDNA’s storage is cloud-based with a distributed-ledger format using AWS servers located in Oregon.

Q: What is the emergency/recovery plan in the event that something serious goes wrong?

A: We practice Continuous Deployment, which allows us to “deploy” a service and/or services with rapid pace. It also help us recover quickly from failures. All systems are Infrastructure as Code - the entire thing can be restored as a single process. As per the platform, we are architected as “microservices” - that is the responsibilities of certain operations and functionalities are separated into individual services. As per the data, we have various encrypted storage backups, in which the data is de-identified. We have snapshots of the services’ data, based on it’s frequency of updates, and can restore to these in matter of minutes.

Q: Individuals receive shares for uploading data to their profile – what does that mean?

A: Shares are given in exchange for updating their account through any of the various methods (connecting their EHR, uploading a DNA file, filling out a survey, etc.). The number of shares provided varies by data type and further information is listed in the LunaDNA SEC Offering Circular which can be found in the LunaDNA Help Center.

About LunaDNA

Q: Is LunaDNA a publicly traded company?

A: LunaDNA is owned by the Public Benefit Corporation LunaPBC. LunaPBC is not a publicly traded company.